Friday, February 27, 2009

Importance of having an Attorney

Why is it important to have a good attorney represent you?

It is extremely important to have a very good attorney representing you if you are arrested for an offense of any kind. The importance of having a good attorney on your side is as important as having an expert doctor or an expert mechanic.
First, the reason why it is important to have a good attorney is because of the possible punishments that you face if you are convicted. If your case is a second degree misdemeanor you face up to sixty (60) days in jail; a first degree, you face up to one (1) year in jail; a third degree felony, you face up to five (5) years in prison; a second degree felony, you face up to fifteen (15) years in prison; and a first degree, you face up twenty-five (25) years in prison. In addition to these possible jail/prison sentences, if convicted you face having to pay court costs and fines.

Second, there is the stigma associated with someone who was found guilty of a criminal offense. It is extremely embarrassing and it affects your employment status.

The Law Practice of Vana Renejuste handles all cases from DUI to Divorce to Small Claims. When you call the office, you will not be speaking a secretary or an assistant; you will be speaking with me, Vana Renejuste, Esq., directly.
You can call me at 239-634-5093 or email me at

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Welcome to the Law Office of Vana Renejuste's Blog.

Let me take this time to tell you a little bit out the law practice.

The Law Practice of Vana Renejuste is a general law practice that handles all criminal and civil cases including but not limited to the following: Criminal Defense; DUI; DWI; Driving While License Suspended; Burglary; Robbery; Domestic Violence; Warrants; Jail Visits; Driving Without a License; Family Law: Divorce; Domestic Violence; Injunction; Pre-Nuptial
Agreements; Small Claim Suits: Plaintiffs or Respondent; Traffic: Speeding; Illegal Turns; Other Area of Practice: foreclosure; Driver License Restoration; etc.

The Law Practice is located at: 444 Marinatown Lane Suite 28
North Fort Myers, FL 33903

The phone numbers to the office are: CELL: (239) 634-5093
OFFICE/FAX: (239)656-1414

Although the office is physically located in North Fort Myers, FL, I will take cases all over the twentieth judicial circuit, which include Lee, Collier, Hendry, Glades, and Charlotte county. If you are unable to travel to me, I will travel to you!

I am bi-language. I speak both English and Creole. If you need a Portuguese or Spanish Interpreter I have persons that can assist us with those languages.

Further if you cannot come to me. I will come to you. You do not need an appointment to call me. Simply stop by or call and I will assist you with your case.