Friday, February 27, 2009

Importance of having an Attorney

Why is it important to have a good attorney represent you?

It is extremely important to have a very good attorney representing you if you are arrested for an offense of any kind. The importance of having a good attorney on your side is as important as having an expert doctor or an expert mechanic.
First, the reason why it is important to have a good attorney is because of the possible punishments that you face if you are convicted. If your case is a second degree misdemeanor you face up to sixty (60) days in jail; a first degree, you face up to one (1) year in jail; a third degree felony, you face up to five (5) years in prison; a second degree felony, you face up to fifteen (15) years in prison; and a first degree, you face up twenty-five (25) years in prison. In addition to these possible jail/prison sentences, if convicted you face having to pay court costs and fines.

Second, there is the stigma associated with someone who was found guilty of a criminal offense. It is extremely embarrassing and it affects your employment status.

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